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The Genesis of Innovation

Our Story

Crypraise emerged from a real-world struggle faced by our founder, Athil, a critical systems developer & solutions architect diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. His journey into the world of mechanical keyboards uncovered a maze of market inefficiencies – from supply chain bottlenecks to monopolistic practices. These experiences laid the foundation for Crypraise, a groundbreaking platform designed to transform the crowdfunding landscape.

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Redefining Crowdfunding

Web3 Antidote for Crowdfunding Rug-Pulls: We at Crypraise are committed to solving the critical challenges of traditional crowdfunding. By leveraging the power of Web3 technology, we offer a secure, transparent, and efficient platform that protects both creators and backers from the common pitfalls of current models.

What is Crypraise?

Backer-Governed Treasury is a novel feature where campaign backers collectively oversee funds. They vote on fund allocation proposals, enhancing transparency and giving backers control over how their contributions are used, fostering trust and accountability in crowdfunding campaigns.


Staggered payment funds are released to creators in milestones success, ensuring alignment with backers' expectations and project progress.


Transparent communication and dedicated communication channel with NFT pass - For every campaign there will be a dedicated channel backers can access only via their NFT's to engage with the creator and the fellow backers of the campaign.

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Explore further and uncover a world of innovation with Crypraise. Discover more projects, campaigns, and opportunities for meaningful contributions to game-changing ideas. Our platform is your gateway to the future, where you can participate in shaping tomorrow's innovations and breakthroughs. Join our community of supporters and creators, and embark on a journey of exploration, investment, and collaboration that knows no bounds. Dive in to discover more and be part of the transformative force of decentralized crowdfunding.